‘Down To The River’ - Angela Paterson “...warm, rich and expressive voice”

(June 01, 2016)

The phrase ‘feel good music’ is regularly thrown out by reviewers. Sometimes with a cavalier carelessness that fails to describe the music with any accuracy. That’s why I stress that ‘Down To The River’ from Angela Paterson is truly ‘feel good’ music because listening to this lady’s warm, rich and Angela-Paterson-down-to-the-river-WBM007_cover-copyexpressive voice will surely make you feel good, if not better than that. A native of Islay, Queen of the Hebrides, there’s the magic of that special place flowing through Angela’s music. The depth of feeling her voice imparts to her words reflects their stories ... sorrowful, joyful, contemplative, observant ... stories you will want to share and long to hear more than once.

‘Down To The River’ balances a wealth of elements ... facets of folk, touches of Americana, acoustic and electric, personal narratives, private observations. These essentials are blended into a collection that explores deep paths of emotion, they encourage the listener to join Angela on the journey and experience the highs and lows. The evocative title track ‘Down To The River’ leads you into memories to share, the sadness of ‘Wax Doll’ cuts hard, as does the hurt of ‘Ice Cold Eyes’, while the simple delight of ‘Home To Islay’ could become the the ultimate ‘coming home’ song.

‘Down To The River’ is there for you to share ... and you should.

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Review: Tim Carroll

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