‘Burn The Tapes’ by Norma MacDonald - something rare and precious

(June 01, 2016)

I first heard Norma MacDonald with her album, ‘Morning You Wake’ and that left me with the abiding Norma-MacDonald-Cover-High-Res-300x300memory of a voice overflowing with emotion and longing. Now, with her latest offering ‘Burn The Tapes’ I’m pleased to report that if anything that voice conveys more intense feeling and lifts her songs to an altogether more sensitive level. Throughout this album she looks back at relationships, break-ups, forward to changes, good times and bad, looking at each with a piercingly sharp accuracy to bring their messages into sharp focus.

Amassing an enviable grouping of musicians and singers to play alongside her on ‘Burn The Tapes’  Norma MacDonald takes you through songs like ‘Company’ that wraps around with a warm glow, the reflective observations of ‘You Can’t Carry It Around’ that lay down clear truths, and the straightforward candour of ‘Before We Say Goodnight. The openness of emotion, the frankness of truth laid bare in these songs is something rare and precious. Were I pressed to choose ‘tracks to remember’ then the perfect ‘Old Song’ and powerful ‘To Nebraska’ would be right up there.


Review: Tom Franks

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