‘Robbie Greig & Friends’ from Robbie Greig - an album sparkles from start to finish

(June 06, 2016)

There are without doubt many fine fiddlers across these isles, the calibre of care for tradition and inventive composition never ceases to fill me with a sense of wonder. And every time someone predicts the demise of folk music among younger generations I remind them of the power of youthful folk abiding across the British Isles. The Robbie Greig and Friendslatest example of heritage allied to originality to come our way is the debut solo album from Robbie Grieg simply titled ‘Robbie Greig & Friends’. Several thoughts spring to mind ... Greig can certainly arrange the tradition, compose a wicked tune or two, play the fiddle with passion and verve ... and certainly has a lot of friends.

Immersed in music and Gaelic culture, Greig has been fortunate enough to learn his art from a catalogue of great musicians and guardians of Scottish and Irish traditional music. This is an album sparkles from start to finish, through a collection of fiery jigs, slides and strathspeys, gently expressive airs and heart-touching songs, from ‘Ale is Dear’ and ‘Slidespeys’ through ‘Greim Na Mara’ and ‘The Fairest Rose’ to ‘The Witch Island Slip Jigs’ and ‘Isolation Reels’.

Playing alongside Robbie Greig (fiddle, vocals, tenor guitar, shruti box) on selected tracks are Jack Badcock (guitar, backing vocals) Jack McRobbien (guitar) Paddy Callaghan (button-box) Lea MacLeod (flutes, whistles, Highland pipes) Ciarán Ryan (banjo) Eamonn Nugent (bodhrán) Jenny Hill (double bass) Murray Willis (accordion, piano) Adam Rhodes (bouzouki) Joseph Peach (Fender Rhodes) Tomás Callister (fiddle) and Andrew Waite (piano).

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Review: Tim Carroll

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