‘Words’ by Falling From Trees - folk with touches of blues and jazzy influence

(June 15, 2016)

There’s a theory, well proven, that siblings’ voices blend in a seamless way that few vocal collectives can achieve. The two brothers and a sister that form Falling From Trees are further proof of that assertion. Their latest EP, ‘Words’ is awash with engaging harmonies and deliciously effusive lead vocals, it also proves that Adam, Rebecca and Leo Words falling from treesWhite compose string-driven tunes laden with subtle melodies and engaging hooks, walking the line between contemporary folk with touches of blues and a sprinkling of jazzy influence.

The amalgamation of two guitars and vocals might on the face of it appear a simple combination, far from it, the depth and presence of this album belies the simplicity of its components. Adam and Leo lay down an intricate web of strings comprising singularly skilful touches and expressive composition, while Rebecca’s emotive and heartfelt vocals move deftly from softly reflective to powerfully assertive, employing on occasion a gorgeous vibrato. Tracks such as ‘Words’ and ‘This Story Ain’t Mine’ provide acoustic-folk illustrations of their instrumental and vocal coherence, while the bluesy ‘You and Queen’ and ‘Rainfall’ lead you on inspired outings for Rebecca’s distinctive voice.

Their gig listing appears to focus on the flatlands of Norfolk, let’s hope for two outcomes from this EP ... an album to follow because they really should let us hear more of this, and see them spread their performances far and wide, because those that haven’t heard them yet will love Falling From Trees.

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Review: Tim Carroll

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