‘The Albino Peacock’ from Bonfire Radicals - uninhibited gathering of inspired originality

(June 15, 2016)

‘The Albino Peacock’ from Bonfire Radicals is probably unlike anything you’ve heard before ... imagine folk interwoven with rock, medieval engaging avant garde, invention hand-in-hand with imagination, experimentation Albino Peacockallied to expression. Before you listen, prepare yourself to encounter free-ranging clarinet, recorder and violin soaring with joyous abandon over a pulsating rhythm mix of guitar, bass and drums. This is tradition woven into an uninhibited gathering of inspired originality.

The band chase their music towards and along the edge of creativity both through their own compositions and traditional arrangements. Throughout, essences of folk and punches of rock vie with excursions into far-ranging exploration as Bonfire Radicals use instruments and voices to both tell tales and to enhance their ingenious meanderings. Across the intricacies of suites like ‘Coffee Countdown’ and ‘Lucy Hampton’s Wedding’, the vibrant ‘Fizzlesticker’, twists and turns of ‘Snitterfield’ and faraway dreaming in ‘I Wish’, the instruments and voicies move sinuously and sometimes frenziedly through hornpipe, jig, waltz, reel, march and song as burgeoning guitar, bass and drums hold the maelstrom together.

Playing on ‘The Albino Peacock’ are Shankara Andy Bole (electric 6-string, acoustic 12-string guitars, bouzouki) Liam Halloran (drums, voice) Michelle Holloway (recorders, lead voice) Ruth Lindsay (violin, viola, voice) Trevor Lines (bass, double bass, autoharp, dulcimer) and Katie Stevens (clarinets, kaval, voice) with Sally Minchin and Penny Lord (voices).

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Review: Tim Carroll

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