‘Love & Promises’ from Auburn - let it seep into your soul

(June 19, 2016)

Americana, like Folk is a label that encompass the widest of definitions. Across its categories it moves, morphs and expands, and since ‘Indian Summer’ and ‘Mixed Feelings’ Auburn have steadily carved out Love and Promisestheir own niche within the genre. Now, the promise we heard from the earliest days of the band are thoroughly fulfilled with their latest album, ‘Love & Promises’. And if Liz Lentern’s husky, often whispering voice doesn’t seduce your ears then you’re clearly not listening. She lays down her intense vocals across a warm balm of instrumentation that begs you to slide into its embrace.

The seduction begins with tracks like ‘Asleep’ and ‘Miss You Blues’ and persists in its draw through ‘Wanda’ and ‘Safety Net’. Start-to-finish the allure of ‘Love & Promises’ remains strong, the temptation is so inviting you cannot refuse. This album will hold anyone that hears it, there’s a subtle allure that will not be denied. 

Playing on ‘Love & Promises’ are Liz Lenten (vocals) Thomm Jutz (guitars) Evan Hutchings (percussion, drums) Mark Fain (bass) Jen Gunderman (piano, organ) Justin Moses (dobro) Britt Savage (harmony vocals)and Chet O’Keefe (guest vocal duet).

‘Love & Promises’ releases on 29 July.


Review: Tom Franks

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