‘Postcards’ from Fran Wyburn and the Indigos - beautiful voice, intricate harmonies, polished instrumentation

(June 19, 2016)

Don’t you just love it when an EP from an artist that you’ve never heard before turns out to be Postcards from Fran Wyburnsomething that not only makes you glad you took the time to listen but also reveals a talent that surely has some distance to go ... and will not remain ‘unheard of’ for long. ‘Postcards’ from Fran Wyburn and the Indigos offers five songs led by a beautiful voice, with intricate harmonies and equally polished instrumentation. The overall impression is of pastoral wistfulness with a touch of reflective musing, and that’s part of the charm, feeling that you’re sharing in some privileged way to share a simple intimacy with the artists.

‘Postcards’ opens with ‘Blue Sky', which pretty much leads you into the elements of their sound, Fran Wyburn and Rosie Evans voices blending perfectly across the textures of George Birkett’s instrumental filaments. From there, the soft engagement of the title track, ‘Postcards’, gentle reflections of ‘Winter’ and resigned acceptance of the sorrowful yet gorgeously constructed and delivered ‘Snakes and Ladders’ wrap themselves around you ears. My much quoted truism about EPs holds true with this one – the best leave you wanting more, and ‘Postcards’ certainly does.

Fran Wyburn and the Indigos are Fran Wyburn (guitar, harp) Rosie Evans (vocals, harmonium) and George Birkett (guitar, vocals, percussion).

Find Fran Wyburn and the Indigos and the ‘Postcards’ EP here:

Review: Tim Carroll

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