‘Paper of Pins’ by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer “... a solid gold, five-star album”

(June 20, 2016)

A wholly unique blending of tradition and contemporary with unrivalled empathy for an exceptional tune, sensitive arrangements and dazzling melodies ... that inspired alignment makes every album from Vicki Swann & Jonny Dyer something to be waited for with anticipation and savoured with exhilaration. Their latest album ‘Paper of Pins’ is no Paper of Pins album coverexception. It’s all there ... Jonny’s wonderfully clear vocals, inspired compositions and ‘feel’ for an unforgettable hook, Vicki’s enchanted touch on nyckelharpa and equally vivacious writing skill ... and that special alchemy that happens when they play together.

Swann and Dyer consistently develop new interpretations of old songs keeping them fresh and exciting, match that skill to create magical self-penned tunes and songs, and you have a duo that both protects and invents the tradition. Not once does your attention wander through ‘Paper of Pins’ ... the delights of ‘The Golden Glove’, the nyckelharpa jubilation of ‘The Halsway Parade/ The Quantock Reel’ and the pure empathy of ‘Friends’ all hold your ear. Dyer’s supremely delicate ‘Canon’, an exceptional re-creation of an old familiar with ‘Daddy Fox’, the curiously titled and absolutely mesmeric Hornlåt Om Mobil Saknas / Bröllopsgåvan / Piggelunkschottisen’ and the delightful title track ‘Paper of Pins’ combine to make this an exceptional piece of work. And to close the album, there’s a spectacular wedding suite comprised of tune sets entitled 'Processional’, ‘Signing The Register’ and ‘Recessional’, superbly blending ancient, traditional and original music in a way that Swann and Dyer have clearly mastered.

‘Paper of Pins’ is quite simply a solid gold, five-star album.

Find Vicki Swann & Jonny Dyer and ‘Paper of Pins’, which releases today 20th June here:

Review: Tim Carroll

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