‘Road Soda’ from Cheyenne Brown and Tory Duggan - significant presence and limitless expression

(July 01, 2016)

The creation of a partnership between Cheyenne Brown and Tory Duggan is one of those synchronicity moments that occasionally appear to ‘just happen’, yet when they do something rather wonderful comes into being. ‘Road Soda’ is quite simply an album of significant presence and limitless expression. Cheyenne Brown takes the harp to places that explore its far reaches and nuances, RoadSoda-cover-if there’s such a thing as a magical touch on an instrument, then Cheyenne possesses it. Add to this alchemy the masterful skill set of Tory Dugan on fiddle and keyboards, and it becomes clear why ‘Road Soda’ is such a powerful piece of work.

Together with the talents of Vinnie Palazzotto on drums and Joe Eunice on bass, Brown and Dugan interweave their unique take on traditional tunes with instinctive originality. ‘Road Soda’ conjures its inspiration from many disparate sources - Finland, Ireland, Wales and Israel with ‘Eva’s Polka’, ‘Terry Teehans’ ‘Cuckoo’ and ‘Evening of Roses’ ... and the blend of inspiration is faultless from the Flemish ‘Bear Dance’ to Turlough O’Carolan’s ‘Clergy’s Lamentation’ to Cheyenne Brown’s magical ‘Ali’s Tune’.

‘Road Soda’ should be on every play list and it will hold anyone that listens, there’s not one moment when you would want to be anywhere else other than involved with this captivating album.

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Review: Tim Carroll

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