‘All Dressed’ from Dark for Dark - folk-pop past anchored in the present

(July 01, 2016)

The jangly-guitars and three-part harmonies echo a time when the sixties were still happening, rather than starting to fade, and the world was yet to become overtly cynical. The sounds of Dark for Dark reflect a presence that is both redolent of a time gone by and Dark for Dark album coverinstantly attractive. ‘All Dressed’, their new six-song EP is at once steeped in a folk-pop past but anchored firmly in the present, it’s a chameleon that morphs depending on where you are in life, pulling back those who ‘remember when’ yet unerringly attractive to today’s listeners

The lyrics might at times take on some wistful, melancholy and sometimes darker tinges but that music and those ‘too die for’ harmonies always deliver a warm, engaging edge, the hi-spots for me are the opener, ‘Orchard’, the pastoral resonance of ‘Moon Full Moon’ and the folky rock of ‘Owls’.

Dark for Dark are Jess Lewis (bass, vocal, percussion) Melanie Stone (guitar, vocals) and Rebecca Zolkower (songwriting, guitar, vocals, synth) with Asa Brosius (pedal steel) and Matt Gallant (drums).


Review: Tom Franks

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