‘Someday The Heart Will Trouble The Mind’ - The High Bar Gang - delicious harmonies and slick strings

(July 01, 2016)

With The High Bar Gang you’re hearing a contemporary take on old-time bluegrass with outstanding vocal harmony and polished instrumentation. Their debut album’s title Lost and Undone: A Gospel Bluegrass Companion pretty much summed up what to expect, the follow up ‘Someday The Heart Will Trouble The Mind’, which releases 19th August, shows how they’ve developed their art and simply raises the bar higher. It also encapsulates the package – songs about The High Bar Gang album coversearched-for love, abandoned love, lost love, love that cheats and hurts – all pains of the heart that hurt the mind.

That’s not to say that this album is one of sadness and misery, far from it. ‘Someday The Heart Will Trouble The Mind’ might well chart a course through the roads taken by troubled hearts but the mix of delicious harmonies and slick strings make it a journey to take. 

The High Bar Gang are Dave Barber (banjo, mandolin, guitar, vocals) Kirby Barber (vocals, guitar, bass) Rob Becker (bass) Barney Bentall (vocals, guitar) Wendy Bird (vocals, guitar) Colin Nairne (guitar, mandolin, vocals) and Shari Ulrich (vocals, fiddle, mandolin). Website:

Review: Tom Franks

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