‘For The Moon’ from The Driftwood Manor - synthesises its own amalgam of styles

(July 06, 2016)

Much as I despise ‘sounds like’ reviews, from time to time throughout ‘For The Moon’ from The Driftwood Manor I kept hearing remeniscences of sixties-edged alternative folk music and those bands that represented its wavering narratives. And that’s hardly suprising with The Driftwood Manore, a band that synthesises its own amalgam of styles, For The Moon The Driftwood Manorblending alternative prog-elemented rock, expansive Irish and Americana tinges, experimental folk-psychedelia and dark-folk electronica ... and were that not enough, they reveal influences ranging from bucolic meanderings to weirdlore chanting through rustic legend to mythic memories.

The songs radiate a balladic quality imbued with lyrical story-telling, ancient observations brought into contemporary focus and modern reflections laid bare through mysterious hypnotic rhythms. There’s fantasy, imagery and illustration in this music ... the softly engaging narrative of ‘Fraction of a Wolf’, the chanted voices and pulsating beat of ‘Spring’, the visions of the title track, ‘For The Moon’, the ominous darkness of ‘The Secret People’ and the shadowy pastoral murmurings of ‘The Fox and The Bear’.

‘For The Moon’ will take those old enough, back towards another time, and for others it will be an introduction to folk mysticism at its finest. And for those that find themselves working hard to square this particular circle, work at it, you will understand.

The  Driftwood Manor and ‘For The Moon’ involve across various tracks, Eddie Keenan (acoustic/ electric guitars, bouzouki, keyboards, banjo, organ, beatboxing, bass, bodhran) Neil Fitzgibbon (fiddle, bass) Felix Sonnyboy (banjo) Tommy Ryan (drums) Fergie Milton (slide guitar) Lee Roche (bass) Bean Dolan bowed double bass) Sammy Rohan (double bass) Irene Dunne and Emma Lohan (vocals) and Mike O’Dowd (bass).

Find band and music here: ‘For The Moon’ releases 8 July on Folkwit Records


Review: Tim Carroll

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