‘Say That Now’ from Ana Egge and The Sentimentals - a journey through emotions

(July 10, 2016)

The album ‘Say That Now’ brings together the easily recognised, sultry voice, sensitive musicianship, Anna Egge and the sentimentalspoignant story telling and involving songwriting of Ana Egge with the folk rock drive of  Danish indie folk band The Sentimentals, to create an album that cuts its own distinctive path - and it’s great. This is richly coated Americana in full flow, it’s powerful and penetrating – its mix of country, folk and rock weaves a multiplicity of styles through the album, taking you high and leaving you low – a journey through emotions that implores you to come along.

The travels through these original songs begins with the formidable ‘Take Off My Dress’ moves through the harrowing ‘He’s A Killer Now’ towards the reality of ‘Say That Now’ and desperate sadness of ‘Still Waters Run Deep’ before the brutal unadulterated honesty of ‘Away We Go Again’ makes you realise this voyage shared through ‘Say That Now’ was a trip you really had to make.

Playing on ‘Say That Now’ are Ana Egge (vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, piano) Jacob Chano (drums, harmonium, harmonies) Nikolaj Wolf (upright bass, electric bass, harmonies) MC Hansen (vocals, harmonium, harmonies, harmonica, acoustic, guitar, electric guitar) and Peter Brander (electric bass).


Review: Tom Franks

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