“Why has FolkWords taken to focusing on Americana, what about British folk?”

(January 23, 2018)

Strange question given the rich cornucopia and wide variety of music that falls (however obliquely) under the folk banner and appears on FolkWords. Nevertheless, the question was asked so let's consider the answer.

Could it be that some of our American cousins are sending more music for review? Could it be that at this precise moment in time there are exciting developments and new directions in 'folk-Americana' pouring through our letterbox that deserve attention? Possibly, it’s the continued rise of outstanding home-grown Americana from this side of the pond. Perhaps, it's the fact that we have become 'recognised' across the pond and more American artists are adding us to their review lists. Whatever the reason, there's no bias within FolkWords for or against any music that fits our (admittedly fairly loose) folk music remit.

Of course, if rap, garage and rock artists from the USA (or anywhere else for that matter) assume that because we write about folk-Americana we write about everything and anything from 'the land of the free and the home of the brave', they are sadly mistaken. Incidentally, the same caveat also applies to said genre artists from where ever they may reside. So if you’re sitting there wondering why there’s an increasing amount of good folk Americana, colonial or British on FolkWords, it’s because if it’s good we'll listen with an ever-attentive ear. It's that simple.

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