Sometimes I just find it hard to understand people

(September 05, 2015)

This morning we receive an email, one of a previous seven, yes seven on the same subject from the same PR advocate (name withheld to protect the terminally inept and prevent stupid litigation). However, this email did not follow the same vein as the others, namely chasing us for a review: “I’m reaching out once again to see if you intend to review the latest new single from….” No, this one was a little more blatant, and asked: “Touching base to ask if you need an incentive to inspire you to review the latest new single from….

Now aside from the person concerned exhibiting a total inability to read or even consider our Review Policy: which clearly states: FolkWords reviews albums and EPs - not singles …”  clearly this one has little or no idea how we operate. Casting humour aside and resisting the temptation to suggest Caribbean holidays, Ferraris or hotels in Monaco, I consider this to be an utterly tasteless and clumsy approach. FolkWords is written, produced and managed without influence and nobody remotely intimates that a review is dependent on incentives; if they did they wouldn’t work on FolkWords. Those that review albums for FolkWords do it because they enjoy folk music and want to be involved in its contiued progress - the suggestion that any form of inducement will generate a good review is downright insulting.

So just in case there remains any margin of doubt and to make clear our position as regards how and why we write reviews I’ll quote from our Review Policy: “If we think the music is good we'll say so - if we don't, we won't. We don't indulge in pointless 'artist bashing' as we reckon there's enough negativity in the world without adding more but we don't mince our words.” And to remove any remaining ambiguity about the way we operate: “FolkWords reviews are free, honest, unbiased, fair, written without influence or corporate contamination, and we're happy to stand by what we write.”

So to the ‘lunatic-fringe’ out there, not the organised, dedicated, professional agencies and individuals we’re more than happy to work with, here’s a couple of tips:

  • Do yourselves a huge favour, don’t bombard us with multiple emails asking for a review because all that happens is your emails go into our Junk Folder and we never read anything else you send to us.
  • Do the artists you represent a huge favour, read our Review Policy and send us material we write about (not singles). Constant emails will not change our review position, and will go into our Junk Folder never to be read again.

Not hard to understand and not difficult requests, unless of course you belong to the group that probably won’t read this any more than they read the website. In case there follows emails suggesting we’re adopting a ‘holier than thou’ position, clearly you don’t know us and may we refer you to the final words of our Review Policy: “If we don't have some constructive observations to offer we won't say anything at all - so if we really don't like it, it's unlikely we'll write about it. However, we write as we find so if you don't like our observations - well there it is.”

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