How does anyone take this seriously?

(February 12, 2016)

Apparently, that appalling televised dross called Britain's Got Talent is returning. How does anyone take this seriously? There’s unrelenting levels of prurient, pretentious rubbish spouted by the judges, there’s the baying mob primarily comprised of pre-pubescent children, adoring parents, deranged teens and obese grandparents called the audience, and possibly worse there’s sickly-sweet platitudes trotted out by the intensely irritating, insipid and frankly 'past their sell-by date' presenters. It’s enough to make you want to hurl the television through the nearest wall before your brain turns to custard. 

That programme (if one dare use the word) has about as much understanding of talent as Michael Gove had of education or Jeremy Hunt has of health, it's mask of searching for talent is simply an excuse for cheap television and producing a mental sop for those turned on by watching dismal failure. This is nothing more than 'schadenfreude' of the highest order, which taken from German, literally means 'harm-joy' ... the feeling of joy or pleasure when one sees another fail or suffer misfortune. However it’s dressed up, it still bears an uncanny resemblance to the disgusting pastime of ‘sticking the lunatics’ as practiced in 18th Century Britain. For a penny, visitors to Bethlehem Asylum could watch the demented in their cells, laugh at their behaviour and poke them with sticks to madden them still further. I suppose one could ask why most of the contestants on this programme appear to have the mental fortitude of a small shrew and a distinct propensity for compulsive weeping. And although it's hoped that nobody actually assaults the contestants, the mental torture meted out to them by judges, audiences and presenters approaches the unbelievable, and is clearly designed to generate an extreme response. All in the name of entertainment.

How long will it be before some unfortunate soul is driven to desperate straits by the whipped up frenzy, debasing rejection and public humiliation they experience? Why does every decision have to be drawn out with the agony of extracting wisdom teeth? And yes I know before I’m told, that some people have gone on to be ‘stars’ (although firework-like their light burns bright and quickly fades) but a great many others have been led down the road of delusion only to be broken in public to feed the apparent undiminishing appetite for wallowing in pleasure at some other poor soul’s misery.

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