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‘Swim’ by Alice DiMicele - an absorbing power it’s hard to ignore

(January 26, 2015)

My apprciation of Alice DiMicele’s music goes back to her 1990 album, ‘Too Controversial’, continued through ‘By Ebb and Flow’ and ‘Lucky Dogs’, and now with her latest album ‘Swim’ there’s another Alice DiMicele - Swimcollection to enjoy. Successfully and comprehensively working folk, funk, jazz and rock into her style her music comes with an absorbing power it’s hard to ignore. The strength of ‘Swim’ lies in so many directions - its deep-seated sensitivity, mouth-watering melodies, complete musicianship and of course, the strength of Alice’s vocals and characteristic understanding of her songwriting.

As ever, there’s a close intimacy to her music, whether solo or with a band, the listener is pulled into a solid relationship with the artist and her music. Alice is one of those gifted souls that, simply by the magnetism of her voice, can reach out, touch the listeners and draw them close. From the solid truth and gutsy essence of ‘Soul Fly Free’ through the soulful empathy of ‘Open Road’ and lingering intensity and essential honesty within ‘Inside’ to the driving groove of ‘Swim’ and softly profound outlook of ‘This Love’, which Alice delivers with wholly revealed sensitivity.

‘Swim’ is another spotlight on an artist that wholly releases herself into the songs she writes. It seems to me that every time she commits her talent to another album something precious results - Swim is no exception. Alice DiMicele's website:

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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