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Ynana Rose – a debut album that asks questions and offers reassurance

(February 02, 2015)

Listen to the debut album from Ynana Rose and you’re hit with a wealth of impressions – a superbly dynamic voice ranging across the emotion of her songs, a musical blend that touches folk, bluegrass and country, and a calibre of lyrical individuality that engages with its tender poetic touch. The longerYnana Rose debut album cover you listen, the more you fall under the spell of her richly atmospheric voice delivering songs with such soft seduction it’s impossible to resist.

Paying close and obvious attention to the roots of her music, Ynana is unafraid to lead it into less than familiar passages and take the listeners with her to somewhere that feels invigoratingly fresh yet entirely secure. The themes on this album explore life and living it, love and its experiences, all the time asking questions and offering assurance. From the banjo-driven opening of gently thoughtful longing ‘Do You Dream of Me’ through the eternal promise in ‘Don’t Even Think Of Leaving Me’ to the powerful recognition and acceptance of ‘The Love You Sow’ and, with its fearless disclosure of hope ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’ – poise, brilliance and charisma walking hand-in-hand.

More than a collection of songs, moving through a wealth of emotions, forging little special moments in time – this album reveals a natural allure. Ynana’s songs let you into a world filled with the silky surety of a singer songwriter that will touch your soul. Hard as it is, were I was pushed to find favourites on this album, when every track is near-perfect, it would have to be ‘Golden’ with its sorrowful revelationsand the vivid imagery of ’Everywhere’. Find the lady and her music here:

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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