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‘Interloper' by Tom Kitching - an entirely beguiling whole

(February 04, 2015)

I can think of few more pleasant ways to ‘while away the vacant hour’ than listening to Tom Kitching’s forthcoming album ‘Interloper’. It’s an iridescent collection of fiddle tunes running the spectrum of Interloper by Tom Kitchingtraditional dance to vivid and expansive innovation. Adding to Kitching’s expressive skill on fiddle by recruiting the obvious talents of Marit Fält on låtmandola, Frya Rae flute and clarinet, and Jim Molyneux on percussion, has created piece of work that intermingles a far-reaching diversity of threads and tresses into an entirely beguiling whole.

 The album opens with a classic examples of Kitching’s ability to mix-and-match with considerable aplomb as the combinations that are ‘RuftyTufty’ and ‘La Rotta’ blend convention with invention, old with new, tradition and originality making perfect partners. Interpretation and combination persists through the delights of two slow jigs penned by Steve Hodgskiss, appropriately called ‘Slow Jigs’, the delightfully bouncing Morris tune ‘The Buffoon’, a couple of undulating hornpipes ‘Elvin Hornpipes’ and the mood-filled shadows of ‘The Gall Bladder’ by Andrew Swaine mixed beguilingly with‘The Lady Murray’s Delight’.

 The talent-pool on the album is added to with guests Lisa Watchorn (cello) Andy Cutting (melodeon) Jon Loomes (hurdy gurdy) and Kieran Markham (throat singing). With tunes plucked from John Playford’s dancing master to contemporary compositions, this album looks to the heritage of where English folk originated and points the way to where the breed is heading - and clearly the pedigree is thriving.

Look out for 'Interloper' on Fellside Recordings - releases 2 March 2015.

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