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‘Love’s Bonfire’ Lotte Mullan - spirit-touching revelations

(February 27, 2015)

This is definitely the month for fusion, it's s Bonfire - Lotte Mullanalso another outing for fine UK-generated Americana. Look into ‘Love’s Bonfire’ by Lotte Mullan and you’ll find a blend of folk, rock, country, you will also find supremely spirit-touching personal revelations.

Her view is that ‘Love’s Bonfire’ explores “the shadow side of love.” That’s utterly accurate. Recorded with Band of Horses in their Nashville studio and released on her own label Raindog Records, she describes the result as “a Trans-Atlantic mash-up."However its described there’s a strong bite to this music, sometimes harder than you might like.

There’s a hymn to lost love with ‘Americana on my mind’, the faintly contemptuous and sarcastic ‘Jonathan’, a plea for the return of love’s fire with ‘I'm still here’ and complete with driving beat and power chords the  ‘I hope it breaks your heart’. There’s always a feeling through these songs that Lotte is walking close to a personal edge that holds the brooding shadows of incidents, involvement and memories in equal measure. There’s a look into staying together and falling apart and a longing that comes from wanting what’s not necessarily available. To write songs with such levels of exposure means living through some tough experiences and along the way, developing a certain inner-strength, listen to ‘You Must Have Loved Him Once’ with its critical eye on the frailty of relationships, and it brings it all home.

‘Love’s Bonfire’ - - releases 9 March 2015 on Raindog Records.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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