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'Striking Matches In The Wind' by Steve Pledger - observing what we don’t immediately see

(March 14, 2015)

There’s an album due for release on 2nd April 2015 that should make waves. It’s full of keen observations, private and public, bringing emotions and sentiments that often go unnoticed to ‘front-striking matches in the wind steve pledgerof-mind’. And if it doesn’t touch lots of people in some conspicuous way I’ll be amazed. Songwriters that write with passion have an uncanny knack of involving you in their songs. The tales they tell may be far removed from everyone’s day-to-day life but in some tenuous way they possess the skill to observe what we don’t immediately see and mirror it into our eyes. Should there be any doubt, I’m talking about ‘Striking Matches In The Wind’ from Steve Pledger, an album that I confess to liking immediately.

The depth of his songs ‘live’ through Pledger’s emotion-rich vocals and delicate touch on guitar. He imparts a tender fragility to his voice to conjure feelings revealed through 'People Who Care' and 'Heart Filled With Nothing To Do', then he adds a harder-edged vocal tone with the denunciation of consumer society in 'This Land Is Poundland' and the anti-austerity boogie 'Quit Blubbin' In The Cheap Seats'. There’s a thoughtful unobtrusiveness pervading this album that steadily ‘gets on with it’ moving from thought-to-thought through 'Days Like These' and 'Friends & Fathers'. In these days of 'form over function', their softly observant messages could so easily be missed, which is my way of encouraging you to listen carefully to this album, you will be touched.

Steve Pledger writes riveting songs and makes no fuss about doing it, simply allowing talent to speak on his behalf, 'Striking Matches In The Wind' does just that. Website:

 Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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