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‘Songs for Mother's Day’ from Joanna Drummond - written to be a gift for mothers

(March 14, 2015)

There’s always a little corner inside each of us, no matter where, how old or who we are, that’s joanna drummond album cover sfmdoccupied by mothers. The latest album from silver-voiced folk singer Joanna Drummond, ‘Songs for Mother's Day’ written to be a gift for mothers - explores the myriad of moments mothers dedicate to their children. Viewed with the eyes of both child and mother, Joanna lays down songs ranging from the minuitiae of tiny instants to the broader brushes of wider experience, examining what is it to hold the immensely responsible and utterly unconditional role of motherhood.

In her words: “The songs on this album are inspired by the intimacies and struggles that women sometimes share with each other, and sometimes face alone. They are drawn from the playground chat, the daily pressures, the quiet desires and the purest of joys.” The unique magic of motherhood is something known only to women who have experienced the enchantment. This softly delivered, beautifully constructed acoustic folk album opens the door a small chink to admit to anyone that cares to listen.

‘Songs for Mother's Day’ reveals its magic through the opening wonderment of ‘Lullaby For A New Mother’, the everyday understanding of ‘Spring Run Off’ and the bare truths within ‘4am Waking’. Listening to my own daughter talk to her baby son brings home the meanings implicit in lyrics of songs like ‘How Will We Learn?’ and ‘Only Just Begun’ – Joanna’s simple words reach out and touch. Sharing the encounters and events of what it's like to be a mother could so easily descend into preaching or become sickly-sweet. Not these words, they reflect the power of maternal bonds precisely and perfectly. Speaking as both a father and grandfather, I’m unashamed to say they got to me.

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Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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