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Self-titled album from Breda Mayock - evokes a host of powerful images

(March 18, 2015)

From the first moments, the self-titled album from Breda Mayock, lifts you into an altogether imagined realm, reality is suspended and you’re part of her gentle examinations and interpretations of life, breda mayoc album coverrelationships, hopes and fears. Breda’s soothing voice hovers around the stripped-back, delicacy of the melodies with a calming and serene influence that reveals itself with unrestrained eloquence.

This album begs you to stay with it start to finish, with an effect more akin to participating in theatre or involving with a novel. Rarely does an album focusing on individual sensitivities, intimate reactions and intense emotions form itself so perfectly. The strength of its illustrative quality and the way it soars about your ears to evoke a host of powerful images, is so strong I could easily see it becoming the soundtrack to a life-story film .

Breda constructs tales that pull strongly at your imagination, conjuring images and revealing itself completely. The whole is so much greater than the parts. The album is contiguous rather than episodic, yet if forced to pick favourites, then the opening ‘Pine’ leads you carefully into the enchantment, ‘I Count The Ways’ is an overwhelming soul-touching song relating the real truths of love “… the river runs strong and deep and so do we”, the mood-filled ‘Halfway There’ gently touches, the mysterious calling of ‘Meadows Deep’ draws on instinctual memories, while ‘Waterboy’ with its clear eastern influence calls in more inscrutability.

Playing on the album are Breda Mayock (vocals, fiddle, harmonium) Steve Coney (guitars, bass, ukulele, harmonium) and Robbie Harris (bodhran, udu pot, djembe, bombo, cymbals, shaker) co-produced by Steve Cooney and Breda Mayock, it was recorded in Lough Lannagh, County Mayo, Ireland.

Allow yourself the time to listen to this album as one piece, you'll be glad you did. And should a film director hear it and match it to the right story (a combination for a sure-fire winner) I shall not be surprised. Find Breda Mayock here:

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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