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‘A Wanderer I'll Stay’ from Pharis & Jason Romero - the progression continues

(March 23, 2015)

Writing about their album Long Gone Out West Blues, I remarked that the music produced by Pharis and Jason Romero exhibits a ‘measured feeling of presence and evolvement’. I also said, ‘their music thrives on its roots but also gives life to the new shoots on the branches of the future’. And now here a wanderer ill staycomes their latest work, ‘A Wanderer I’ll Stay’ fulfilling the promise and expanding the delivery with the addition of fiddle, bass, pedal steel and drums – and so the progression continues.

Naturally, there’s the same intensity of involvement that comes with their music, backed by the ‘magic’ that happens when these two sing and play together. Their close-harmony voices still weave a subtle tapestry, while banjo and guitar ebb and flow with the same consummate skill, add their guests’ talents to the mix and you’ve got a fine album. A Wanderer I'll Stay’ is still deeply traditional but touches of innovation continue to embellish the whole. The collection includes both originals and covers, with the depth and confidence of their approach ringing clear throughout, check out ‘There's No Companion’, the sad reflection of ‘Lonesome And I'm Going Back Home’, the instrumental skill of ‘Backstep Indi’, the edge to ‘Goodbye Old Paint’ and ‘It's a Sin to Tell a Lie’ and if you’re looking for a stand-out track you could do worse than choose ‘The Dying Soldier’.

‘A Wanderer I’ll Stay’ releases in the UK on May 1st 2015 and fans of their music can look forward to a treat. Guesting on the album are Josh Rabie (fiddle) John Hurd (bass) Marc Jenkins (pedal steel) and Brent Morton (drums). Website:

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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