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A Long March Home’ from Mike Reinstein - creates images, evokes places and builds characters

(May 04, 2015)

There’s an assured attraction to music and songs from Mike Reinstein, they come with a magnetism that’s built around alluring melodies strewn with beguiling hooks and percptive lyrics with a perspicacity that could punch a hole through sheet steel. His album ‘A Long March Home’ is a collection of songs that carry their messages with power, vision and appeal - its pathos shattering, resentment intense and examinations revealing. Reinstein’s lyrics create images, evoke places and build characters, and his softly long march homepiercing vocals brings them unerringly to life.

Whether he’s reflecting deep seated understanding through ‘Cheap At Twice The Price’, exposing the darkness of ‘Warface’or the melancholy behind ‘It’s Not Enough’, Reinstein employs a brutal frankness to make his point, and it’s that forthrightness that makes this album utterly absorbing. There’s harsh reality brought home through straight-talking narrative in ‘Iris’ and ‘A Calling’, by contrast the gentle calm and soft surrender of ‘Love Carries Us Through’ reflects on experience before sorrowful resentment within ‘Your Help’s Long Overdue’ cuts deep once again. And to make its point with power and purpose there’s ‘A Watchman For Your Heart’ – a truly beautiful song.

Playing on ‘A Long March Home’ are Mike Reinstein (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo) Lee Humber (drums, shakers) Mick O’Connor (acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin) Ali Gavan (bass) Reina James Reinstein (keyboards) Mark Wilson (double bass on ‘It’s Not Enough’) Wayne McConnell (piano on ‘Advice’) John Sandford (accordion) Matthew Bright (flute) Emma Bright (cello) Tim Wade (trombone) Rob Heasman (trumpet) Mike, Reina, Ali (backing vocals).

‘A Long March Home’ releases on 22 June – find Mike and his music here:

 Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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