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‘How That Dust Jumps’ - Ian Roland - gentle rocky folk, softly edged with Americana

(May 09, 2015)

The first impression is pastoral acoustic songs, filled with catchy hooks. There’s a tiny touch of retro-acoustic, perhaps folk from another time. A mix of gentle rocky folk, softly edged with Americana but essentially British. Well that’s what I heard, and Ian Roland’s album ‘How That Dust Jumps’ is one that you should hear because how that dust jumpsit’s well worth your time.

The opener ‘Outside’ has an evocative melody and absorbing lyric, much as I despised comparisons between artist or songs, ‘Father and Son’ kept jumping into my head. That’s no criticism or any suggestion of plagiarism, rather it’s a compliment on the directness and highly infectious nature of the song. And that’s an observation that’s stands true for many of Roland’s songs – memorable lyrics wrapped around striking tunes. The title track, ‘How That Dust Jumps’ follows suit, before ‘Say Your Name’ - slower, more reflective yet equally catchy, ‘Push The Doors’ with its haunting lyric, and the blues influenced‘Hope’ wrap you in their embrace.

Joining Ian Roland (vocals, guitars) on ‘How That Dust Jumps’ are Lee Bridges (drums) Scott Gentry (bass) Jake Skinner (percussion, backing vocals) Simon Yapp (fiddle, backing vocals) with Susie, Freya and Lauren (backing vocals). Find Ian Roland here:

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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