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‘Tangled Country’ from The Honey Dewdrops - classic original American roots music

(May 09, 2015)

The Honey Dewdrops duo first arrived on my radar with ‘Silver Lining’ in 2012, now they’ve released ‘Tangled Country’ and for my money it’s going to become a classic piece of original American roots music. Its stories tangle country front covertouch close to the heart, its melodies engage and linger, the poetry beguiles you to listen, their musicianship suffuses your senses. The subtle interaction between these two singer songwriters is obvious, Laura Wortman and Kagey Parrish build their songs around the empathy of their voices and music to such a high degree there’s no visible or audible join, the mix is two people working ‘as one’ - this is an album I will play for a long time.

From the desire to run from predictability within ‘Same Old’, through the deep understanding of ‘Loneliest Songs’ and bare sincerity of ‘Fair Share Blues’ to the realisation of passing time within ‘Young’ there’s a rich vein of honesty in this music. Were I pressed to cite favourites, the list would have to include the revelations of ‘Horses’ with its cry to ‘take me how I am’ and the softly delivered testament of ‘Guitars’ – songs that serve up soul-touching memories.

‘Tangled Country’ from The Honey Dewdrops is delivered by Kagey Parrish (vocals, guitar, mandolin) Laura Wortman (vocals, guitar, banjo, harmonica) with Nicholas Sjostrom (bass, piano, Wurlitzer piano) Dave Hadley (pedal steel) and E.J. Shaull-Thompson (drums). Website:

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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