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‘Fall is a Good Time to Die’ by Jami Lynn – a voice that gets close to you

(May 10, 2015)

There’s something about the Great Plains of eastern South Dakota - the trek, the hardship, the space, the fall_is_a_good_time_to_die_covermyths – everywhere there’s a sense of new and old combined. The latest album from Jami Lynn ‘Fall is a Good Time to Die’ takes its influence and heritage from that environment it also mixes tradition and innovation in equal parts to deliver a consummate whole. Some albums have a ‘growing time’ – the minutes or hours needed to work their way into your mind, no such delay with ‘Fall is a Good Time to Die’, the appeal is immediate.

The fascination begins with banjo-inspired vitality and old time impression through ‘Polywags’ continues through the dobro-driven lyrical splendour of ‘Red Fox’ and the emotionally rich and quietly impressive ‘The North Wind’. Jami has one of those voices that manage to get close to you – even through the distance of a recording. You have to keep looking to see she isn’t there in the room with you. There’s a hauntingly magical edge to the imagined narrative of ‘Wolf’ that pulls you unerringly into its story, while songs like ‘Texas’ with its keenly portrayed longing and the sumptuous title track ‘Fall is a Good Time to Die’have an accuracy that feels so right.

Musicians adding their talents to the album are Jami Lynn (vocals, banjo, guitar) Dalton Coffey (dobro, mandolin, guitar)  Andrew Reinartz (upright bass) with Eddie Faris )mandolin ‘Red Fox’). Find out more here:

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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