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'Seasons & Time' from Robert Barnett - something waiting to develo

(May 14, 2015)

One acid measure of an EP is does it leave you wanting more. Well, with 'Seasons & Time' from Robert Barnett the answer is yes and no, or possibly maybe. The finger-picked guitar is expansive and dextrous and the softly ethereal vocals have a certain quality. However, overall there's a seasons and time front coverfeeling of something waiting to develop.

The EP opens with ‘Daybreak’ a pleasing song delivered in that softly laid-back vocal, it’s followed by the ‘Hunter's Moon’, which sounds similar, it's certainly pleasant enough but not really attention grabbing. The instrumental ‘Jinx’ displays some sparkling guitar skills but also offers too many moments of fingers sliding on strings as they change chords. Some artists and audiences feel this adds an immediacy, even an intimacy, I find it annoying and distracting, whereas the second instrumental ‘Charlotte’ is far cleaner and to my ears more accomplished. The guitar shines again on Open Road’ and ‘The Girl Who Played’, which exhibit some sharply painted lyrics. This man certainly knows how to handle a guitar, that much is obvious but the vocals occasionally border on wearisome and that’s a pity. 

The songs on 'Seasons & Time' exhibit a sense of melancholy exacerbated by a world-weary impression, which may not be the artist’s intention but it’s there nonetheless. More than anything the power of this recording resides in the guitar work. Website:

Reviewer: Charlie Elland 

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