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‘Shadowlands’ from Linda Em - strengths of tradition woven with threads of innovation

(May 26, 2015)

Take elements of Celtic tradition, blending them within a web of folk and blues, add overtones of rock with touches of soulful energy, then deliver the result in a sultry voice filled with narrative style to seduce the listener. That’s the music of Linda Em and that’s what you hear on her album ‘Shadowlands’. Throughout, the clear strengths of tradition wrap tightly around the songs, woven together with the threads of innovationlinda em - shadowlands to deliver something both vital and special.

Linda Em has an eminently listenable voice that delivers a folk-rock ballad feel through every song, vocals with the depth and authority to produce the presence of power-ballads. The vocal muscle on display here is evident through the pulse-beat intensity of songs like ‘Muse’, the dark dreaminess of ‘The Dockers Tavern’, the sweeping ‘Run Higher’ and the atmospheric flow of ‘The Brig Hannah’. There’s a sharply cut storytelling edge to these songs to take you along with their tales, and Linda’s voice ensures you’re stolen away by each narrative – one listen to ‘Monday Night’ makes everything clear.

‘Shadowlands’ (release date 8 June 2015) features Linda Em (vocals) Chris Wyatt (guitars, keyboards) Matthew Mason (drums, percussion) Ian Montague (bass) Terence O’Flaherty (bouzouki, mandolin, bodhran, percussion) Jane Miller (violin) Silvia Fioretti and Claire Sparrow (backing vocals).


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