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‘The Shaman’s Call’ by Sandy Kilpatrick - expressing life and experience

(May 26, 2015)

Laid back is not often a term applied to folk music, then again, Sandy Kilpatrick isn’t just any folk musician. His album, ‘The Shaman’s Call’, due for release 15th June is a relaxed, laid back selection of acoustic folk, that doesn’t mean it’s lightweight or superficial and nor are the topics all happiness, light and joy, far from it. sandykilpatrick_-r-james-mcgeachan-1050x619The subjects range across barriers of personal observation and equally take in wider spheres of expression to deliver powerful messages that make their presence felt through simple arrangements that accentuate the personality of the songs.

To my ears the stand out tracks are ‘The Ascending Light’, the powerfully vivid ‘The King Is Dead’, and ‘Your Love Is A Weapon’ with its uncomplicated essential truth. The only way to ensure you feel the same is to buy the album – and you should.

‘The Shaman’s Call’ is a singer songwriter expressing life and experience as he sees them, it’s also a man sharing the themes in a way that makes them open to everyone. These stripped down songs punch their weight in a meticulous, thought-provoking way reaching out to touch the listener as easily as they reveal and share the artist’s feelings.


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