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‘Burn The Plan’ - from Good Lovelies - warm melodies and delicious vocals

(May 29, 2015)

Intricate harmonies, soulful music, fearless exploration and one simple truth - good is always good. ‘Burn The Plan’ the new album from Good Lovelies reflects their Canadian folk roots, simultaneously inviting you into their blending of folk roots, pop infusion, warm melodies and delicious vocals. This album has a sumptuous feel, there’s a warmth and interaction that begs you to experience the taste – and when you do you’re hooked on what’s served up.

good lovelies album coverThe opener, ‘In The Morning’ offers a slightly incongruous electro-pop hook to expand the song - strange or not it works, they move forwards with songs like the fuller beat of ‘Waiting For You’ and ‘Broken Hearted’ to provide a more predictable touch. The intense edge to ‘Last Night’ offers a clear longing to love, while the pulsing ‘Don’t Hold Back’ continues the luscious harmony mix, then they reach out to some old time traditions with ‘Old Fashioned Love’ before moving into ‘The Doe’ to extend a darker feel. ‘Burn The Plan’ is an album that wraps itself around you and it’s a gorgeous embrace.

The Good Lovelies are Caroline Brooks (vocals, acoustic guitar) Kerri Ough (vocals, acoustic guitar, omnichord) and Sue Passmore (vocals, acoustic guiyar, percussion) and playing on selected tracks on ‘Burn The Plan’ are Les Cooper (electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, banjo, percussion, piano) Christine Bougie (electric guitar, lap steel) Robbie Grunwald (piano, keyboards) Adam Warner (drums, percussion) Steve Zsirai (bass, synth bass) Luke Doucet (electric guitar) and Kevin Trucotte (trumpet). Website:

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