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‘Decade’ from Skerryvore - celebrating ten years spent ‘twisting the roots of tradition’

(June 13, 2015)

The latest release from Skerryvore is a celebration of ten years spent ‘twisting the roots of tradition around their own inventions and crossing the threads with a rock-infused pulse’ – ‘Decade’ is a mix of live and studio tracks capturing precisely what the band is all about. There’s no need for any spacers to skerryvore decade 001fill gaps, there simply aren’t any. These guys have worked hand in hand for ten years and it’s evident. The music is tight and disciplined, yet it exhibits a freedom and spontaneity that Skerryvore fans know all too well.

The album opens with tracks recorded at Celtic Connections 2015 including, ‘Rox Revival’, ‘Walk With Me’ and ‘By Your Side’immediately displaying the infectious drive and encompassing involvement of the live Skerryvore environment. They hark back to their earlier days with ‘Simple Life’, cut a slice of social comment through ‘Where Bird’s Don’t Fly’, deliver a recording of the live favourite ‘Can’t Find The Cure’, the superbly-melodied ‘Happy To Be Home’ and the sparkle of the instrumental ‘Crooked’.

Skerryvore are Alec Dalglish (vocals, guitars) Daniel Gillespie (accordion) Martin Gillespie (bagpipes, whistles) Craig Espie (fiddle) Fraser West (drums, percussion) Jodie Bremaneson (bass) Alan Scobie (keys, percussion). Guest musicians Haron Hannon (accordion) Barry Caulfield (bass) and Seonaidh MacIntyre (bagpipes). Website:

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