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‘Fairy Lights' from Jenny Lascelles - lyrical quality, outstanding musicianship and melodic opulence

(June 13, 2015)

There’s a dreaming wistfulness to ‘Fairy Lights’ the debut album from Newcastle Upon Tyne-based singer songwriter Jenny Lascelles, it’s an all-enveloping experience that transports the listener into a place that’s altogether wonderful. There’s a nature of peace, a type of tranquillity and a sense of stillness that pulls you jenny lascelles fairy lightsinwards. Perhaps that’s why ‘reflective’ and ‘thoughtful’ sum up these self-penned songs. Add the levels of lyrical quality, outstanding musicianship and melodic opulence and you have a subtle enchantment.

Jenny’s piano accompaniment flows around the songs with a confident assurance, as do her softly engaging vocals with their attractive edge engendered by a touch of native accent. The tracks run and coalesce with each other to create an album that’s stronger taken as a whole. Of course there are stand out songs, and everyone will identify their preferences, but there’s not a single ‘filler’ or at least none that I could find. For me the ‘best of the best’ includes ‘The Mermaid’, certain to set the expectations at the outset, ‘Unlike Myself’ takes on a more insistent tone before the title track, ‘Fairy Lights’ arrives and it’s thoroughly absorbing. There’s an intimate side to the songs - ‘Indecent Grace’ is an intensely personal revelation, while the frankness of ‘Devil’s In Me’ is both beautiful and sternly honest and for a slice of reality ‘Blue’ and ‘Chickenwire’ tell some essential truths.

Playing on ‘Fairy Lights’ are Jenny Lascelles (vocals, piano) Ian Stephenson (guitar, bass, harmonica) Niles Krieger (fiddle) Mark Carroll (cello) Martin Douglas (drums). Find artist and album here:

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