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‘Burn the Tapes’ by Norma MacDonald - reaches into your soul

(June 14, 2015)

There are some constants in this world of constant change ... one of them is the deep-meaning soulful music that comes from Norma MacDonald. If you’re ever in the mood to be moved by music then her latest album norma-macdonald-album cover‘Burn The Tapes’ will certainly hit the spot. For not one moment does this music slide into the background, start to listen and you’re riveted, and that’s in a good way. The way that reaches into your soul and clams whatever it is that bruises or grazes your day. Sure, there are some heart-wrenching emotions tied up in these songs but they ease rather than stress, they offer a balm not an irritant. Sit back and let ‘Burn The Tapes’ wash over you.

To be truthful, I’ve been sold on Norma MacDonald’s music from her second album ‘The Forest for the Trees’ and the follow up ‘Morning you Wake’. Now with her latest album this lady continues the delivery of music that speaks volumes and makes in-roads into the places we all feel most ‘at home’. The opening chords of ‘Company’ offer a combination of voice and music that’s addictive, you have to listen to more, through the thoughtful narrative of ‘You Can’t Carry It Around’, the simply beautiful ‘Daysleeper’, a well of emotion so real you could reach out and touch it in ‘Lighten Up’ and the haunting ‘To Nebraska’.

An absolute wealth of musical talent supports Norma MacDonald on ‘Burn The Tapes’ and whatever it takes you really have to add this one to your collection. It will do you good. Website:

Review: Tom Franks

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