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'Dreamer’s Witness' - Richard Lanahan - country-edged, blues-tinged Americana folk rock

(June 29, 2015)

Richard Lanahan has been around for a while now, playing with various musicians and bands including New York-based alternative country band, The WellDiggers. And now he’s produced and recorded his first richard lanahan dreamers witnesssolo album 'Dreamer’s Witness'. So what do you get for your money? First off, a fine album of country-edged, blues-tinged Americana folk rock, second a set of 13 songs exploring life and its roads through a broadly self-examining view that offers a revealing meditative direction that’s easy to follow. The songs might focus on the man delivering the music but their meticulous lyrics and thoughtful melodies make them supremely accessible.

Possessing a voice that delivers penetrating, searching vocals, this man’s songs are destined to reach out, touch his listeners and move them. Among Lanahan’s soul-touching songs are the delicious opener ‘Follow Me’, the ever-hopeful ‘Only Lonely’ and the melodic expanse of ‘Build A Bridge’, while unafriad of painful disclosures, ‘Double Cross’ makes its powerful point, and the quiet expression of ‘Learn To Dance’ must strike a chord.

Playing with Richard Lanahan (vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, Rickenbacker 12-string, lap steel, mandolin, bass) on ‘Dreamer’s Witness’ are Mike Leuci (drums, bass) Eleanore Whitmore (fiddle, harmony and background vocals) Jen Gunderman (Hammond organ and Wurlitzer) Rob Stein (pedal steel) Doug Kwartler (harmony vocals) and Steve Welner of The WellDiggers (lead vocal 'Movin' On Down The Line’.


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