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Pharis & Jason Romero - ‘A Passing Glimpse’

(October 19, 2011)

I’m known to have a predilection for American music – folk, blues, country and bluegrass – especially old-time and early music. The latest example to catch my attention is the new album from Pharis & Jason Romero. ‘A Passing Glimpse’ isA Passing Glimpse a perfect example of tight-as-you-like harmonies woven around dextrous, potent banjo picking. And not many musicians make and play their own instruments – Jason does.

This album delivers a superb blend of archive-old 'traditional' mixed with Pharis’ self-penned songs. You’ll be hard pressed to tell distinguish one from the other, which gives you some idea of the heart and depth that flows through her songs. From the opening tones of ‘Forsaken Love’ to the eponymous ‘A Passing Glimpse’ and the delicious pain of ‘Lay Down in Sorrow’ this is as pure as it comes and you know you’re touched by song writing brilliance. Traditional songs and those penned by others are also given life by this duo - like the rebuke of ‘Where is the Gambiln Man?’, Leadbelly's mournful ‘Out On the Western Plains’ and Jason’s refreshing take on ‘Cumberland Gap’.

Music like this grows from deep feelings and even deeper roots. There’s an echo of far away and the feel of long ago but there’s also the freshness of tomorrow’s coming sunrise. This album is worth your hard earned cash – buy it, love it. ‘A Passing Glimpse’ is  available on cdbaby or direct from

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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