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‘Memory of Voices’ from singer-songwriter Andrew Wiltshire

(November 08, 2011)

Infectious; outside of the medical definition, in·fec·tious means ‘easily or readily communicated’: suchAndrew Wiltshire as an infectious laugh or voice. That’s what you get with ‘Memory of Voices’ from singer-songwriter Andrew Wiltshire - infectious vocals, intriguing tunes and a style you won’t forget in a hurry. On one level these are classic man-with-guitar songs, but add some soundcard, keyboard and tracking effects, wrap in his distinctive vocal and they set off to another place.

As an example ‘Watching’ evokes a layered simile of mid-sixties West Coast mixed with British folk. And the simple-yet-complex vocals and the cleanly matched harmonies (actually Andrew backing Andrew) all work to great effect in an understated and effortless way. You’ll find more attraction in the delicate unadorned truth of ‘Hard To Be Lonely’, the angst of ‘I Could Be Happy’ and the reflective peace of ‘Sleep Now’ all given an engaging edge by Andrew’s attention-grabbing vocal. The thoughtful harmonies and finely layered sounds of ‘Time’ lead to the eponymous ‘Memory of Voices with its indistinct murmurings, haunting tune and sweep of overlaid effects.  

This album does two things – engages your ear and makes you want more. Not a bad combination. You can find more Andrew Wiltshire on:

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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