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'Yoke' from The Existence of Harvey Lord

(November 20, 2011)

Not everyone will know The Existence of Harvey Lord. They’re not exactly main stream. They blendyoke strangely related stories in a wandering style, infused with reflective, pastoral folk psychedelia. It’s multi-layered, ambiguous and complex - engaging yet obscure. The Existence of Harvey Lord has a new album - it’s called ‘Yoke’ and it’s on Autumn Ferment Records (Cat. No. AFR004CD).

Their semi-sung, semi-spoken songs emanate from a shadowy, concoction of poetry and lyric combining legends, dark tales and personal observations. Each one is a self-penned Harvey Lord original with vocals entwined around elaborate instrumentation and lyrics that offer some well-judged observational poignancy. From the unexplainable oddness of ‘Legs Of Beetle’ through the whispered childhood reflections of ‘If You See Bears...’ and the intricate narrative and fairground echoes of ‘Throw your suitcase in the canal’ to the darkly mysterious vocals of ‘If Thou Art A Demon Then I Will Destroy Thee’, this album twists and turns with myriad convolutions.  

Along with Harvey Lord (guitars, bass, vocals) musicians on the album are: Alex Watson (ocarina, accordion, recorder, vocals) Simon Fletcher (organ, mandolin, hand claps, bass, vocals) Rob Daniels (drums, didgeridoo, glockenspiel, vocals) Cameron Crook (guitars, trombone, vocals) Mollie Baxter (cello, vocals) Tom Yates (musical saw) Paddy from Gnod (hangdrum) Wes (banjo) Dave George (guitars) Jo (fiddle, vocals) Carlie-Rose (flute, melodica, vocals) Mikey (fiddle) and Bradley Crook (trumpet).

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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