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‘American Songwriter’ from Danny Darst - poignant tales you’ll want to hear

(November 26, 2011)

‘American Songwriter’ from Danny Darst holds a subtle yet inexorable power. I know, I’ve just spent three days of my life listening to 10 songs from a lyrical master. Nashville songwriter Danny Darst American Songwriterwrites songs that plumb the depths of the heart - if they don’t move you then you’re made of stone.  Perceptive lyrics that hit to the point with the force of a six-inch nail driven by a clawhammer, delivered by a rough-edged voice that exudes understanding and expression. And a touch on the strings that fits the vocals like a hand in a glove. This is a man that’s been there, done it - and to prove it these songs tell poignant tales you’ll want to hear.

From the reflective presence of ‘Dreamcatcher’ through the agonising, heart wrenching emotion of ‘Somebody’s Daddy’ to the deeply philosophical realisation of ‘No Such Thing’ – this is unadulterated real-world, life-experence. There’s so much feeling tied up in songs like ‘Push Me Away’ and ‘Never The Same’ they generate a potent gut reaction - be prepared, this is life in the raw. Strong, emotive, untainted and tough as you like - you’re going to well up.

This is a slice of classic Americana that's takes you up close and personal to the true essence that flows through country-folk from the land of the free and the home of the brave.

On ‘American Songwriter’ Danny plays acoustic guitar, talking drum and vocals, alongside him are Mike Webber (upright bass) Ron (Snake) Reynolds (acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, percussion, harmonies) Kenny Malone (drums, percussion) James Fletcher (electric and gut string guitar, harmonies) Jon Fletcher (congas, harmonies) Martin Weinstock (gut string guitar).

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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