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‘Hundred Bars, A Thousand Cars’ - Robert Cooper

(December 07, 2011)

Here’s an album that’s worth your time. It has the simplicity and authority of ‘man-with-guitar’ style Robert Cooperdespite the fact he also plays harmonica, piano, percussion and bass. ‘Hundred Bars, A Thousand Cars’ is Robert Cooper aka ‘Coops’ singing self-penned songs and working some magic with guitar and harmonica. Listen to this album and you’ll find English acoustic moulded around Americana with a soupcon of pop added for good measure.

The opening track ‘Friday Night’ lets you know exactly what you’re in for, incisive lyrics and equally sharp delivery. The songs grow in stature as the album develops, ‘Drink Tonight Away’ takes top honours with a catchy melody and fulsome production, and as the pundits say ‘there’s a hit here’. There’s a more gutsy blues feel to ‘Glass Half Full’ while the intriguingly titled ‘Don’t let Your Guard Down This Weekend’ betrays a distinct West Coast folk influence. The eponymous ‘Hundred Bars’ reflects a softer ballad style with engaging lyrics and a precisely-placed harmonica hook.

This is simple music purposefully delivered and well crafted.  ‘Hundred Bars, A Thousand Cars’ is available on Amazon, iTunes and Reverbnation and well worth some of you hard earned cash. Rob Cooper plays acoustic guitar, harmonica, piano, percussion and bass; joined on a couple of tracks by Keith Lacey (lead guitar) and Andy Cains (drums).

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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