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‘Pieces of the Puzzle’ by Joanna Weston

(January 18, 2012)

Listening to Pieces of the Puzzle’ by Joanna Weston is an enjoyable and lyrically enchanting musical Joanna Westonexperience. The only downside is there are only five songs on the EP – no sooner had I dived into its multi-layered depths than it was over. I wanted to swim around far longer in the embrace of those songs.

The EP offers a collection of jazz-tinged, acoustic-folk with an enigmatic sprinkling of intriguing influences emerging throughout. It kicks off with the gentle, sparkling narrative ‘Amy’, as Joanna’s voice leads you back into the web of love’s memory. The warm, piano-driven ‘Something’ employs a stronger jazz influence, while ‘Girlfriend’ relishes in its peppered percussion, haunting backing chorus and finely-placed brass injection. The soulful anguish of ‘Stay’ leads into the captivating narrative of the violin-led ‘Down by the River’ with its perfect whistle accents hovering around more of Joanna’s inspired phrasing.

‘Pieces of the Puzzle’ offers words and music by Joanna Weston (lead vocal, guitar, backing vocal) plus the considerable talents of Herjo Schotten (guitar, piano) Michiel von Engelen (double bass) Pim van der Steen (drums, percussion) Sylvia Ouwens (tin whistle, backing vocals) Joost van Es (violin, viola) Tom Rotherham (trumpet) Angus Cowan (fender rhodes piano).

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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