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‘Clocked’ from Noam Weinstein

(January 26, 2012)

Why do I love folk-Americana? Because it has teeth that bite, a raging-bull presence, intricate twists Clockedand turns, and all the expectant intrigue of a first date – the forthcoming album ‘Clocked’ from Noam Weinstein proves the point. The inspired songs on this album guide you down the winding lanes, dark passages, crowded streets and wide freeways of American folk. No mistake, you will enjoy the journeys.

From the opening anguished passion of ‘Kill Me Again’ that cuts like a knife, and the tender resignation and alluring melody of ‘As It Fell’ with its superb lyrics, to the folk-pop enthusiasm of ‘Birthday’ with a hook-to-die-for and the sorrowful depth of ‘Time’s Wider’ – this album will grow on you. The acerbic bite of ‘Ugly’ with its inspectional lyrics that take no prisoners, slips seamlessly into the convoluted, barbed lyrics and sharp guitar breaks of ‘Hollywood’.

Noam has an instinctively emotive voice that lives and breathes in discrete styles as the mantle of each song envelops him. His range of delivery - from the intricate lyrics of ‘Healthy’ to his control on the drum-driven intensity of ‘Owe It All’ and the wistful observations of ‘Silhouettes’-  is evidence enough.

Listen to ‘Clocked’ once and you’re hooked. ‘Clocked’ is released on 29th February 2012 on No Songs Records and available from iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby

The musicians on ‘Clocked’ are Noam Weinstein (vocals, guitar) Steve Nistor (drums) Sebastian Steinberg (bass) Larry Goldings (keyboards) and Mike Vola (vocals, guitar) with strings written by Eric Summer performed by Eric Summer and Kate Sweet (viola) and Maureen Cole (cello).

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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