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Bram Taylor - ‘Jokers And Rogues’

(January 27, 2012)

Bram Taylor - ‘Jokers And Rogues’ - with the current trend from younger artists trying to be cool byBram Taylor writing ultra-clever lyrics with instrumental arrangements to match isn’t it refreshing to hear ‘folk’ music the way it used to be? No frills, just good, down to earth performances and songs which are easy on the ear. 

OK, so I might have turned fifty (my goodness…surely not) but I still gain as much pleasure now as I did way back when hearing songs the calibre of Ralph McTell’s ‘Weather The Storm’ and Huw Williams ‘Rosemary’s Sister’ performed by Taylor’s clearly delivered vocals, backed by the sumptuous cello courtesy of Wendy Wetherby.

This kind of recording may be a throw-back to the late 60s early 70s but is none the less enjoyable for that - in fact I applaud the retro feel. If, like me you enjoy your music with an undiluted splash of ‘easy listening’ then sit back in your rocking chair and put your slippers on. ‘Jokers And Rogues’ is available on Fellside Recordings FECD246.

Reviewer: Pete Fyfe

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