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‘Brilliant Tease’ from Louise Killeen

(February 13, 2012)

Absorb these songs as they wash over you. Relax while they pull you into the warm velvet Louise Killeenembrace of pure, ecstatic, accomplished song writing. That’s what’s the tempting embrace of ‘Brilliant Tease’ from Louise Killeen offers the listener. There’s deep emotion, brutal honesty, eternal sanguinity and enthralling narrative encased in these alluring songs. Each one will haul you into Louise’s worldview of life and you’re hooked.

From the instinctive, primeval emotion of ‘Ease up on me dear’ to the inspired, penetrating lyrics of ‘Coalmines’“And we’ve been down, down together in the coal mines, Black from the lies that we let in” – Louise demonstrates her lyrical skill. There’s a bouncy, energetic feel to ‘Easy Talk’, which again cuts a clear path with its incisive lyric, while ‘Everywhere out there’ displays a more wide ranging and sweeping style, the words still remain as sharp as ever. The eponymous ‘Brilliant Tease’ is another outing for Louise’s expressive wordsmith quality (it prompted multiple hits on the ‘replay’ button) well worth listening to again and again. The killer track, exceptional for its ability to reflect poignant distress ‘This Love’ exposes a palpable sadness – beware this song is melancholy in physical form.

Joining Louise (guitar) on ‘Brilliant Tease’ are Bill Shanley (guitar) Danny Byrt (drums, percussion) Justin Carroll (piano, Hammond organ, Rhodes, Wurlitzer) James Blennerhasset (electric and double bass) and Gavin Murphy (brass, strings).

There’s sadness, love, optimism, reflection and resilience wrapped around Louise’s songs. Nothing added that’s not required and nothing removed to reduce the passion. This album has the wings to fly – just watch it soar. You will find 'Brilliant Tease' on Louise’s web site or Reverbnation

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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