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‘Remember Me’, from singer-songwriter Marc Reeves

(March 05, 2012)

There is always something uncertain about listening to ‘man with guitar’ (electric or acoustic) – each Marc Reevesindividual embarks on that perilous loneliness in their own way to create their own exposure. For some it is their chance for acid observations or acerbic comment, for some it’s the chance to rage against the vagaries of the world; in contrast, others pour out direct sincerity through laying bare personal feelings. Whatever their approach you always engage directly with the artist. There’s that engagement on ‘Remember Me’, from singer-songwriter Marc Reeves. This man lets you into his world, lays his heart at your feet and shares buckets of emotion.

Unleashing feelings from the caverns of your soul can, if not controlled, verge on mawkish. Despite a lack of years, often erroneously perceived by many as restricting the worth of one’s emotional currency, Marc follows in the vein of those that ‘share their souls’ and does it well. These songs cut with the powerful edge of reflective introspection. The standout tracks are ‘Home’ with its haunting lyric and memorable melody, the folk-pop blues of ‘Complicated’ and ‘Headlights’ with beautifully placed violin.

Mixed in this gentle acoustic/electric offering there are smatterings of folk, a little pop, a soupcon of country and an occasional nod towards late Americana. This is not a ‘happy’ album. Its themes reflect melancholy. The lyrics are sometimes sombre. Perhaps it’s best listened to when you’re in a positive frame of mind - otherwise the sadness could become too much; which probably proves Marc writes powerful songs.

Also with Marc on ‘Remember Me’ are Simon Feerick (drums) and Sarah Taylor (violin).

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Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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