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Duncan McCrone - ‘Colourblind’

(March 10, 2012)

Duncan McCrone - ‘Colourblind’- this CD had remained on my ‘to do’ list for quite a while so I’d like to Duncan McCronetake this opportunity to apologise to Duncan for the lateness in the review’s eventual arrival. Opening with the bright and breezy ‘Days Like Today’ with its Bluebells ‘Young At Heart’ country ‘feel’ (particularly thanks to the swooping fiddle of Chris Stout) it’s obvious that McCrone has a happy, optimistic outlook on life. Surely this track alone should be worth National Radio play (is anyone at BBC Radio 2 listening?) although knowing the industry’s foibles it will more than likely fall through the cracks.

Judging by the songs included on the album he has taken the time to craft each track with the help of some fine musicians including the afore mentioned Stout, his song writing partner Cy Jack (bass), Stevie Lawrence (most things stringed), Finlay MacDonald (highland pipes) and Lindisfarne’s drummer Ray Laidlaw. For soft Southerner’s like me, you might be interested that Mr McCrone has included the song ‘Baltic Street’ by Carol Prior of Carol & Alan Prior fame and obviously shows discerning choice as he also includes the wistful ‘Ae Fond Kiss’ by Robert Burns for good measure.

 This is the kind of album that you will put on and think why haven’t I heard more of this fine singer? Established I presume in his native Scotland, Duncan really should be more widely acknowledged as a performer of great merit by a discerning audience (which I know you are) and I suggest you buy this recording as proof. You won’t be disappointed. You can find ‘Colourblind’ on Circular Records CR1039

 Reviewer: Pete Fyfe

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