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Irish singer-songwriter Mossy Nolan

(March 29, 2012)

The first lure that entices you when you listen to the album from Irish singer-songwriter Mossy Nolan is Mossy Nolanthe soft intensity of his vocals. This man pours so much of himself into these songs it’s as if he were there in the room with you. The second attraction is his dextrous yet simplistic touch on the strings of bouzouki, guitar and mandolin. Combine those gifts and you have a mix of traditional and self penned songs that together make this a well rounded and lovingly crafted album.

Traditional songs, however performed, frequently hold some level of familiarity but Mossy’s take on ‘Spencer The Rover’ gains an added edge from that highly emotive voice and his take on ‘The Wild Mountain Thyme’ with delicious backing vocals from Stina Sandstrom and Lisa O’Neil is a tender joy. There are fine tunes a-plenty from the mysteriously titled but lively ‘Two Flats One Pump’ composed by Mossy to the traditional mix of ‘Swedish Jig/ I Met Betty Kelly’. There’s an excellent rendition of Ewan Macoll’s emotive song ‘Tunnel Tigers’ and an equally potent version of Liam Weldon’s powerful ‘Dark Horse on The Wind’ ... no doubt about it, Mossy can deliver a song.

This is very much music that demands your attention. To listen in anything but reflective calm with time to devote to its gentle authority and simple beauty does not do justice to this work. And there’s an added bonus - you also get a finely artworked fold-out cover to read your way around.  

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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