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‘Danza de Andalucia’ from Asgeir Aar√łen & Bjarte Mo

(April 03, 2012)

My music appreciation is nothing if not diverse. However it’s fair to say that my knowledge of flamencoAsgeir & Mo guitar music is limited. Then again as I listened to ‘Danza de Andalucia’ from Asgeir Aarøen & Bjarte Mo with their mix of flamenco, classical guitar and violin, I found myself increasingly magnetised by the sheer expertise of its protagonists. As well as searing Spanish vibes touched with veiled Norwegian mystery, there is a dash of Eastern Europe influences overlaid with flute, bass and astounding percussive accents. It’s a stimulating mix.

The essence of this album is its charisma – the power and energy poured into the music by the performers is practically palpable – for me that aura is vital. And its presence is on this album throughout. It’s not hard to imagine that this music could take physical form, reach out and touch you. From the compelling vigour of ‘Summer Flirt’ and ‘Arabian Samba’ to the gentle caress of ‘Night in Netanya’ and ‘Walkabout’ this is captivating music.

This music leads you down wide and varied paths as the moods flow and changes around you. Love flamenco or not this is truly beautiful music. And although the exact meaning of the closing track ‘Summer Song’ is lost due to my total lack of Norwegian it’s pure soul soothing.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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