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Bob Bradshaw’s eponymous album

(April 17, 2012)

There’s a stirring edge to Bob Bradshaw’s new eponymous album - an edge doubtless reinforced by the Bob Bradshawexperiences of the expedition from his native Ireland across north and south Europe and into America – touching down for a while in San Francisco he settled in Boston. Now together with a group of gifted musicians Bob has created a fine album - and it’s clear those travels reflect in its far-ranging, sometimes anguished, occasionally hopeful and always engaging songs. These are chronicles about life that could be yours or mine and you’ll feel that connection in every word. Bob sings his moving lyrics with an economical, laid bare style that cuts all the more deeply through a distinct mid-Atlantic twang that fits perfectly with his brand of Americana folk.

The album has a rich mix of sparse, engaging melodies, catchy hooks and inspired lyrics - from the beautifully architectured  essence of ‘High Water Risin’ and the sadness of ‘Talkin’ About My Love For You’ through the hope and anticipation of ‘Take Me To The East’ and the incipient sadness of ‘The Mourning Dove’. However he lays down their content, swift or slow, abrupt or extended, exultant or heart-rending - Bob delivers songs that will stay with you for some time to come.

On the album Bob is joined by Duke Levine (electric guitar, lap steel) Annie Lynch (vocals) Scoop McGuire (bass, guitar, percussion, keyboards) Mark McCartney (drums) Dan Gurney (accordion) Chad Manning (fiddle, mandolin) Maeve Gilchrist (harp) and Curt Florczak (electric guitar). The album ‘Bob Bradshaw’ is due for official release on June 1st 2012 and available on Fluke Records from Bob’s web site.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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